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The Path to Mortgage Approval: Understanding Timelines and Factors

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In Canada, securing a mortgage is often a significant milestone on the journey to homeownership. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to refinance your current home, understanding the timeline for mortgage approval is crucial. 

While the process can vary depending on several factors, there are general guidelines to help you anticipate how long it might take to be approved for a mortgage in Canada.

Initial Steps: Preparing for the Mortgage Application

Before diving into the timeline, you have to prepare the necessary documentation and assess your financial situation. Lenders will review your financial history, credit score, income stability, and debt-to-income ratio when considering your mortgage application. Gathering documents such as pay stubs, tax returns, bank statements, and proof of assets will streamline the process.

a set of house keys unlocking the front door of a new home after a mortgage approval

When we have our first conversation, either on the phone or in person, I will discuss with you these documentation requirements and let you know which ones I need. 

Timeline for Mortgage Approval

The timeline for mortgage approval can typically happen between 7 and 14 days. Here’s a breakdown of the key stages of the mortgage approval. Please remember that every mortgage situation is different, which means every timeline will be different as well:

  • Pre-Approval: I always recommend getting pre-approved before house hunting. This step involves submitting your financial information to me, then I assess your eligibility for a mortgage and provide a conditional pre-approval for a specified amount. Pre-approval is based on certain lender guidelines and I will provide you with a quote for an amount and rate.
  • House Hunting (Variable): Once pre-approved, you can start searching for a home within your budget. The duration of this phase of course varies depending on market conditions, your preferences, and availability.
  • Formal Mortgage Application: Once you’ve found a property, we’ll need to submit a formal mortgage application to your chosen lender. This involves providing detailed financial information and documentation. The lender will then conduct a thorough assessment. 
  • Mortgage Underwriting: After receiving your application, the lender’s underwriting team reviews your financial documents, appraises the property if you’ll be putting a down payment of 20% or more, and verifies the information provided. 
  • Conditional Approval: If everything checks out, you’ll receive conditional approval, subject to meeting certain conditions. These conditions may include providing additional documentation, securing mortgage insurance (if applicable), or addressing any outstanding issues.
  • Final Approval and Mortgage Offer: Once you’ve satisfied all conditions, the lender grants final approval and prepares the mortgage offer. This document outlines the terms and conditions of the loan, including the interest rate, payment schedule and any applicable fees. 
  • Closing: With the mortgage offer in hand, you can proceed to closing, where legal and financial formalities are completed, and ownership of the property is transferred. The closing timeline can vary but usually occurs within 30 to 90 days of the offer acceptance, allowing time for tasks such as home inspections, appraisals, and legal procedures.

Factors Affecting Approval Timelines

These are all estimates of how long each of these steps can take. Several factors can influence how long it takes to be approved and it’s important to understand what those are:

  • Complexity of Application: Applications with multiple borrowers, self-employment income, or non-traditional sources of income may take longer to process.
  • Lender’s Workload: High demand or busy periods may lead to longer processing times. Some lenders will take longer than others as well.
  • Documentation: Delays can occur if required documents are missing or incomplete. Once I ask for certain documents, it’s important to get them to me as soon as possible. As this is a key step in the process, the longer it takes to receive documents and go through them, the longer it will take to get approved! 
  • Property Appraisal: The availability of appraisers and scheduling appointments can affect the timeline.

Get started today.

While the timeline for mortgage approval in Canada can vary, understanding the key stages and factors involved can help manage expectations and streamline the process. 

By preparing thoroughly, working with a mortgage broker, choosing the right lender for you, and staying proactive throughout the process, you can navigate the path to homeownership with confidence!

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned homeowner, the faster you reach out to a mortgage broker, the easier the home buying process will be! Give me a call at 250-826-3111, apply on my website or contact me through my online contact form to start the process today.

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