Private Mortgages

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Private Mortgage Provide Solutions

Private mortgages are a great option if you’re looking to buy or access equity in a home, but you’ve been declined through A and B Lenders. A private mortgage will allow you to qualify for a loan even if you’ve had financial hardships in the past.

Why choose
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If you’ve been declined through multiple lenders, applying through a private mortgage could be your answer. I have extensive experience getting clients approved.

  • I can provide you with private mortgage options if lenders have declined your original proposals.
  • You won’t have to stay with a private mortgage rate for your full term. It can be paid out quickly and you can apply for a lower rate.

How to Qualify

Private mortgages are an opportunity for a fresh start.
I will let you know the information and documents I’ll need to have you approved.

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Good to Know


For a private mortgage, you’ll need a minimum down payment or equity of 20% or more.


These are short-term solutions. You’ll generally sign a contract that’s 1-3 years in length, and sometimes even shorter.


If you have bad credit, your loan will likely be through a private lender or a B lender. These lenders charge a higher interest rate.

Resources for Private Mortgage Options

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