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Renew Your Mortgage

A mortgage term normally ranges from 6 months to 10 years. You may have received a letter from your bank stating that you need to renew your mortgage. Before you sign, consider reaching out to me. At Mortgage Okanagan, I will consider your financial goals to find you a mortgage that matches your needs.

Why choose
Mortgage Okanagan

You’re not obligated to renew your mortgage
with your current lender. It’s important to
weigh your options. A mortgage broker, like myself,

can often find you better rates thanks to my large inventory of lenders.

  • Consult a broker if you’re shopping for a better rate. My roster of lenders is constantly expanding, whereas your bank’s only resource is themself.
  • It’s possible that your bank will offer you a higher rate than what’s available.
  • If you’re hesitant about renewing with someone other than your bank, I can compare your bank’s rates with what’s available in the market. And, we can decide whether it makes sense to switch.

How to Qualify

The process is slightly less stringent than a mortgage application because you already own a home. This means you’ve provided a down payment and you pay your monthly mortgage payments. Reach out to me to start the process today.

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Good to know


Your bank may make it seem like you need to renew your mortgage with them. That’s not the case.


There are minimal to no costs associated with switching your mortgage to another bank.


Your existing lender may try and get you to renew your mortgage early to make sure you remain their client. There is no obligation to do so.

Resources for Refinancing Your Mortgage

Begin the Approval Process

Fill out the pre-approval application today.