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Self-Employed? I Have Great Mortgage Options for You!

Matthew Jackson Self Employed Mortgages

Traditionally, when you’re self-employed and applying for a mortgage, you’ll likely face more obstacles than someone who earns a regular salary through an employer. If you can prove your income, show you’re up-to-date on your taxes and you have solid credit, however, your chances of being approved for a mortgage are greatly improved. Self-employment numbers continue to grow steadily. Statistics …

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Part Time Or Variable Employment Mortgages

Matthew Jackson Self Employed Mortgages

Part Time Or Variable Employment Hello there, With this blog I will be going into what the banks will allow and require in regards to someone being employed part time or with a variable income. Part time and variable income can be two very different items. Part time income could be casual work picking up as many hours as you …

Self Employed Mortgages and Income

Matthew Jackson Self Employed Mortgages

Here is a good introduction and some information on self employed mortgages. As a Sole Proprietor the basic guideline the banks go off of would be a two year average of your line 150 income. What that means is your income after all of your write offs showing on your notice of assessment line 150. So if your gross income …