a mother, father and child eating breakfast at a dining room table, highlighting buying a second home

Buying a Second Home or Home For a Family Member

Matthew Jackson Mortgage Tips

Did you know that you can purchase a second home within your same city and outside of it? Your second home may also be a vacation property or a property for a family member who cannot qualify currently themselves.  In this blog post, we’ll go over both scenarios and explain how it may work for you and your situation.  Buying …

Downtown Kelowna on a clear blue day, highlighting buying a second property while renting out the first

How to Buy a Second Home and Rent Out the First

Matthew Jackson Mortgage Tips

You’ve been thinking about adding a second property to your real estate portfolio. You have the idea that with your second property, you’ll move into that one, have it become your owner occupied and then rent out your first home. Kudos to you! This is an exciting opportunity and with the right mortgage broker on your side, this adventure is …