Hand putting coins in a piggy bank with graphs and a calculator; highlighting how banks view employee income

How The Banks View Employee Income

Matthew Jackson Mortgage Tips

Employee income is one of the most important aspects of being approved for a mortgage. Lenders will qualify you for the mortgage based on your income, your debt, and your down payment. In this blog post, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss how lenders see income. Whether you’re full-time, full-time salary or part-time, your income levels …

Toyota dealership at dawn, one of the many sales-driven jobs that are classified as variable employment that can affect a mortgage

Part Time Or Variable Employment Mortgages

Matthew Jackson Self Employed Mortgages

Your employment status means more to a lender than you may think. Your status is a strong indicator of your employer’s commitment to your continued employment. There are many differences when it comes to variable income and part-time work for getting approved for a mortgage.  In this blog post, I’ll explain what both of them mean, what the lenders want …