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Mortgage Bridge Loans

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I am going to talk about mortgage bridge loans, used for buying another property before your current property sells. Bridge loans are typically used to cover your down payment for a new property before your current property selling.

The cheapest option fee-wise from the bank is for you to sell your house and have a two or three day period until your new purchase completes, so everything can take place in the backend for financing with the lawyer and the bank. This scenario would not require a bridge loan, as a few days is enough time for the bank and the Solicitor to do what they need to do without rushing. Yes, it is possible for this to be done without a bridge loan on the same day your property sells and you complete your purchase for a new property, but that is a very stressful situation for you, as it isn’t guaranteed everything gets done on time.

The next option would be a bridge loan, which is the bank loaning you your down payment based upon the equity in your property you are selling. For the bank to do this, the sale of your current property would need to be firm and have subjects removed. They will not offer a bridge loan until subjects are removed on your previous property.

Different lenders have different rules and fees in regards to this and it is best to know up front before committing to a lender, as some are a fair amount more expensive than others.

Some lenders allow you to have the borrowed funds anywhere from 30 days to 90 days until your previous property sells to pay off the bridge loan.

Each lender also has different maximums and minimums they will loan, ranging from $5000 to unlimited (within reason).

Lastly, they all have different fees and rates they will charge for the time they loan the money. There are other options than bridge loans, but those would require either refinancing or a private lender and you would need to be able to carry both mortgages.

I am happy to discuss the best options for your situation and recommend a cost effective solution to you.
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