Model house sitting on a reflective surface with home keys and a calculator, highlighting bad credit and private lending mortgages

Bad Credit & Private Lending Mortgages

Matthew Jackson Alternative Mortgages

There can be many reasons for having to get a private or B lender mortgage. Some of the main reasons are the following: Damaged or bad credit Past bankruptcy or consumer proposal No credit Thin Credit (Haven’t had credit for very long) Collections Etc There are many reasons a client or clients may need to get a higher priced mortgage …

Small words on a chalkboard surrounding one bigger word, mortgage; referencing conventional mortgage types

Conventional Mortgage Types (20% or more Equity)

Matthew Jackson Mortgage Tips

I am going to go over an example of buying or refinancing a home with 20% or more in equity. Buying / Refinancing a home with 20% or more down payment allows you to choose several more options than if you did a lesser down payment. Here are the main differences: Amortization Lenders will allow you to choose a longer …

Closeup of hands signing a document with a wooden house model on desk; highlighting a home equity line of credit

Home Equity Line of Credit

Matthew Jackson Mortgage Tips

Hey Everyone, This column I am going to go over the qualifications and process you would normally go through to get a Home Equity Line Of Credit. The first step is you either need to have 20% equity in your home already or have 20% down payment minimum when you are purchasing. This allows you to enter into a conventional ...

Kelowna Mortgage Broker Fixed vs Variable Rates

Matthew Jackson Mortgage Tips

Now is a fantastic time to purchase a home! Why?  Interest rates are going down like crazy right now making it perfect for Buyers and a great opportunity for Sellers looking to sell their home as well.  Because of this, I thought it would be a good time to go over fixed vs. variable rates, giving you a brief overview ...