Man holding a toy bridge with a plastic model house and calculator in the foreground, referencing Mortgage Bridge Loans

Mortgage Bridge Loans

Matthew Jackson Mortgage Tips

In this post I am going to talk about mortgage bridge loans, used for buying another property before your current property sells. Bridge loans are typically used to cover your down payment for a new property before your current property selling.   Purchasing Without a Bridge Loan Fee-wise, the cheapest option from the bank is for you to sell your …

Front garden with a red 'for rent' sign near entrance, highlighting buying a rental property

Buying A Rental Property

Matthew Jackson Mortgage Tips

I wanted to write about buying rental properties as it is getting more difficult each year to buy them. This will focus on clients who have less than 4 or 5 rental properties To start, most banks will only allow you to own up to 4 or 5 rental properties plus your owner occupied property. Doesn’t matter if the properties …