Couple sitting on the floor amidst a renovation looking at a tablet and paint swatches; highlighting financing for home renos

Thinking of Renovating? I Have Smart Financing Options

Matthew Jackson Mortgage Tips

Now that spring’s in the air, many homeowners are thinking about tackling home improvements or full-on renovations from their to-do lists. If you’re planning some renovations this year and you’re looking to free up funds to support your projects, I may have a solution for you. But, first, it’s important to plan ahead. Setting a budget before deciding how you’re …

Wooden house keychain with keys, highlighting why to use a mortgage broker

Using A Mortgage Broker Is Your Best Option

Matthew Jackson Mortgage Tips

The homebuying and mortgage processes can be cumbersome and stressful when navigating them alone. That’s why using a mortgage broker makes sense, regardless of whether you’re planning to buy your very first home or your fifth. I’ll get the lenders competing for your mortgage business when you’re purchasing property – as well as again at renewal or any time you …

Closeup of first time homebuyers in a room with boxes and packed items; highlighting the first time home buyers guide

First Time Home Buyer Guide

Matthew Jackson Mortgage Tips

As a first or even a second time home buyer the process can be daunting. The government and industry regulators have not made it any easier over the last couple of years, which is where the mortgage broker community comes in to help! Here is a guide to help you along the way in the home buying process. Step 1: …

Couple sitting in a room day dreaming with line drawings around them of what their house could look like, highlighting alternative mortgages

Have You Considered An Alternative Mortgage?

Matthew Jackson Mortgage Tips

Mortgage rules have changed a lot over the past couple of years. As a result, fewer people are qualifying for mortgages offered through more traditional lenders such as banks. Thankfully, there are lots of alternative options available when you’re working with your trusted mortgage broker. I have access to a broad range of mortgage choices to fit your unique needs …

Closeup of hand signing a document with a wedding ring on the table, highlighting mortgages through separation and divorce

Separation, Divorce And Your Mortgage

Matthew Jackson Mortgage Tips

Hi there, Separation and divorce can impact a family on many levels including financially. It’s a stressful process for all concerned. In addition, there may be the messy business of splitting the assets, including the family home and the mortgage. Many couples end up selling the house to pull out their equity, which may cause additional stress. However, there are …

Kelowna Mortgage Broker

The Housing Market and You

Matthew Jackson Mortgage Tips

Hi there, As we wind down 2018, we can look back at the housing market and see that affordability was the big topic across Canada. We have weathered many challenges in the housing market, from gloomy predictions of housing bubbles and increasing debt loads, to eroding affordability due to continued government rule changes. We will, no doubt, weather these latest …

A man in a blue shirt at a cafe looking at a paper document, concerned about missing a mortgage payment

Missing A Mortgage Payment

Matthew Jackson Mortgage Tips

Hi there, There are times in our lives when the unexpected happens and we find it difficult to cope financially. It could be a job loss, an unexpected illness, the death of a loved one or separation and divorce. There may be enough money to get by for a few months, but soon families may find themselves overwhelmed as the …

four vector graphic mobile phones with a range of poor to very good credit scores

Confused About Your Credit Score – You’re Not Alone

Matthew Jackson Mortgage Tips

Hi there, Here’s a typical scenario: You and your spouse are applying for a mortgage loan. You’ve had credit for years with three or four credit cards, a car loan and a line of credit. You always pay the minimum obligation, and always on time. Your spouse, on the other hand, doesn’t use much credit, perhaps has only two or …

The City of Kelowna view from West Kelowna with the bridge over the lake, highlighting where Mortgage Okanagan is located

Kelowna Real Estate and Mortgage Market Update

Matthew Jackson Mortgage Tips

This will be more of an opinion piece on the Real Estate Market in Kelowna and surrounding area along with where current mortgage rules are at. To start, I am currently looking for another home to buy and have been for quite a while. Looking for so long and obviously being in the industry, this year is the first time …

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New Mortgage Rules January 1, 2018

Matthew Jackson Mortgage Tips

There are some substantial changes arriving on January 1, 2018 that will make it more difficult for anyone looking to purchase or refinance their property with 20% or more down payment or equity. FICOM is implementing a rule change that make it so when anyone in Canada looking for financing at 20% and above equity would need to qualify under …